uniquely evolving spirit, precious human body


to flow with every season

The deeper our roots go, the more fruitful our life is. We are able to gracefully weather the high winds, torrential floods, and the dry spells, and continue to branch out and grow.

I am here to support your integration, to anchor the most vibrant version of you, as you reach for your dreams and fullest potential. 


"Ten thousand flowers in spring, the moon in autumn,
             a cool breeze in summer, the snow in winter;
                      When your mind isn't clouded by unnecessary things,
                                this is the best season of your life."

Wu Men (1183-1260)



Treatments & Therapies

acupuncture / cupping / chinese herbs

initial visit (75 mins)     $180

follow-up visit (60 mins)     $160

herbal consultation (30 mins)     $90

family acu package of 5 sessions     $598

infrared sauna session (25 mins)     $45

infrared sauna session (50 mins)     $75

Gift Certificates - please inquire


movement / nutrition/ cultivation

tele-consult (45 mins)     $120

qigong healing session (50 mins)     $130

customized dietary consult (50 mins)    $130

Events & Retreats

embodiment / cycles / communion


3 -Day Retreat


Embodying the Primal Power & Ancient Wisdom of Water

April 29 - May 1, 2021



"Nothing but talent. Pamela read my pulse and immediately identified the issues that my body was dealing with, and prescribed a few things I needed to do and that night. I did them, and the result was a level of healing that I didn’t even know was available to me. I recommend Pamela to anyone open to receiving more out of life."

S Wong, social justice worker


"I have given birth to two healthy babies, a large part of the credit I place at Pamela's door. I conceived easily while having acupuncture, was relieved of any difficulties I was having, and she helped move the babies along when I was ready, and even helped turn my first baby from breech position - meaning I avoided a painful and risky inversion treatment that they were pushing for at the hospital.

As well as being incredibly effective, Pamela is a wonderful warm person - I look forward to seeing her so much, I only wish I could go every single week!

Rebecca J, marketing manager, Brooklyn

"A friend recommended Pamela saying she would change my life and I’m not exaggerating when I say she has! She has taught me a whole new approach to my health and has helped me with so many things from extreme fatigue and night sweats to knee pain. My sessions with her have become a priority and a source of joy in my regular routine. Most recently Pamela helped resolve some chest pains that I spent thousands of dollars investigating with doctors, it turns out I should have gone straight to Pamela!"

L Brittan, news editor,



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