Embody the Primal Power & Ancient Wisdom of Water

How do we find rest and vitality when we are pulled in many opposing directions, or stuck in one swampy place?  We come back to this universal element, Water: the powerful, deep and dynamic well that we can always draw from, a reminder of who we are. 

Join me on April 29 - May 1, 2021.

This is a 3 day immersion in movement, play, and sound that returns us to OUR TRUE NATURE: AWAKENED ALIVENESS.

Unlock the magical child, so original in her imagination and potential.

Unleash the simple, organic, raw aliveness of

being primal and animal.


Soak in the joy of being moved and orchestrated by magnificent Grace, rather than figuring things out from the head. 

Plug our electric bodies into Primordial Wisdom, ancient and timeless as Ocean, a circuit of constant renewal that unites us all.

When torrents come, surge in the Heart of Devotion, the Courage to ride the currents of intense change, ride the whole spectrum of life, and yes, even turn the great tides. 

REST in our sheer beauty, the dew of Divine Play and Creation. Always fresh and new. 

This retreat is a return to our Essence. 

A Remembrance.

A Reclamation. 

A Rebirth!

None of us can do this alone. Pulsing in unison is how we send out giant ripples, how we make the waves.

I invite you to dream, move, play, roar, come alive, come awake, and be reborn with me. 

This is not only possible, not only necessary... this is our birthright. It's who we are.

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"Nothing but TALENT. Pamela read my pulse and immediately identified the issues that my body was dealing with, and prescribed a few things I needed to do and that night. I did them, and the result was a level of healing that I didn’t even know was available to me. I recommend Pamela to anyone open to receiving more out of life."

S Wong, social justice worker


"I have given birth to two healthy babies, a large part of the credit I place at Pamela's door. I conceived easily while having acupuncture, was relieved of any difficulties I was having, and she helped move the babies along when I was ready, and even helped turn my first baby from breech position - meaning I avoided a painful and risky inversion treatment that they were pushing for at the hospital.

As well as being incredibly effective, Pamela is a wonderful warm person - I look forward to seeing her so much, I only wish I could go every single week!

Rebecca J, marketing manager, Brooklyn

"A friend recommended Pamela saying she would change my life and I’m not exaggerating when I say she has! She has taught me a whole new approach to my health and has helped me with so many things from extreme fatigue and night sweats to knee pain. My sessions with her have become a priority and a source of joy in my regular routine. Most recently Pamela helped resolve some chest pains that I spent thousands of dollars investigating with doctors, it turns out I should have gone straight to Pamela!"

L Brittan, news editor,



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