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The Down & Earthy Shakeout

Wednesdays, 12:10 to 12:30PM EST

pre-lunchtime virtual event



You and I live inside a skin 

that we were born to feel

open, alive, free-flowing in.


In this unique 20-minute container, we get to:

  • set aside our official roles, and let our bodies do the *magic* it knows just how to do

  • digest what's sitting in the pit of our stomach, before we take our lunch (digestion = Earth Energy in Chinese Medicine)  

  • Release...Reset...Revitalize!!!

  • harness raw emotions as fertilizer for our health and vitality

  • come home to the connectedness and abundance of just being alive


It’s right here in this electric body. 

Pure, raw, 100% organic.

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Shakeout dates

December 8, Wednesday

December 15, Wednesday

December 22, Wednesday

December 29, Wednesday

January 7, Friday

January 12, Wednesday

January 19, Wednesday

January 26, Wednesday


Pre-registration is required.

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A 3 day Healing Immersion

January 13-15, 2022

1:30 -6:00 PM


In Chinese medicine, Winter corresponds to Water, the element of receptivity and potentiality, profoundly Yin in nature. The Womb, as the dark container of Water and Blood, is the perfect cauldron for brewing the innate wisdom of the feminine.

Anyone who is blessed with a womb sits in the soup of creation itself. So vital to our role as community life-givers is the reclamation we make of this primordial force within us. 

AND in this reclamation, there is a descent that needs to happen. A sinking, if you will.

You will be lovingly guided in this retreat to drop down from the head, all the way down to the pelvic cave, into the depths --- of aliveness within the stillness (the Yang within the Yin) --- to receive profound healing and replenishment that awaits us in these Primordial Waters. It is a healing that transcends time, space, and lifetimes; one that will root you back in a vibrant Self-Trust and in a deeper knowing of your true Essence. 

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Winter Womb Retreat

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