Payment is due at the time of service 

by cash,  check, or Chase Quickpay/ Zelle only.


Initial Acupuncture Visit  (75 mins)              $180

Follow-up Acupuncture Visit (60 mins)      $150

Herbal Follow-up (30 mins)                         $90

Family Acu Package (5 sessions / family)    $598

Online coaching session (50 mins)              $120

5 Phase Dynamic Movement (60 mins)      $150

Acu Facial Rejuvenation  (75 mins)              $180



Deep Healing
What makes change evolutionary? It is when the shift is embodied and aligned at the level of body, mind, and Spirit. In Chinese Medicine, these correspond to the Jing , Qi , and Shen .

Acupuncture For All Seasons

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