Here are personal accounts of individuals who have benefited from coaching sessions, herbal formulas, or acupuncture.



"I came to Pamela after 23 years of suffering from chronic asthma. I have been able to go off two medications and my asthma is so improved that three of my rescue inhalers expired this year before I ever used them!
Pamela is a caring, professional  person who zeros in on what you say about your symptoms and aims for their origin." 
 - P. L. La Bonne, Licensed Master Social Worker, NY


"Pamela is truly a gem. I feel so lucky to have been introduced to her. She balances straight forward medical knowledge with gentle intuition and tops it all off with a nonjudgmental smile and genuine interest. One of my favorite "miracle" moments with Pamela was when she made a skin condition go away in four days, when dermatologists told me it would take eight weeks. I can't say enough about how amazing Pamela is, only that I wish she would move to Amsterdam so I could see her more often. :)"

- Laura N., former New Yorker, now living Amsterdam


Recently had a particularly stubborn and recurring case of vertigo. Dizzy, light-headed, nauseous, sensitive to light and having little appetite, I was unable to face my busy life, my job and travel commitments. Pam suggested an herbal formula. After only a few days on the herbs, I felt more grounded and stronger in constitution. The nausea and dizziness subsided and my appetite returned. By the end of the herbal course, I felt like a new woman and I’m relieved to say my symptoms have not returned. Even more amazing is that Pam can do this without needing to see me in person – particularly invaluable given the current times. Thanks for all you do for us, Pam!

- Zara C., aspiring athlete, New York and the UK


"Nothing but TALENT. It was my first acupuncture session and without much guidance, Pamela read my pulse and immediately identified the issues that my body was dealing with. I was shocked- as I wasn’t truly aware of the issue but once hearing her describe every single symptom associated with it, I knew there was no denying her accuracy. Pamela recommended a few things I needed to do and that night, I did them. What resulted was a level of healing that I didn’t even know I needed or was available to me. I am incredibly grateful to Pamela and would recommend her service to anyone open to receiving more out of life."

- S. Wong,  Social Justice educator, Miami



"A friend recommended Pamela saying she would change my life and I’m not exaggerating when I say she has! She has taught me a whole new approach to my health and has helped me with so many things from extreme fatigue and night sweats to knee pain. My sessions with Pamela have become a priority (and a source of joy!) in my regular routine. Most recently Pamela helped resolve some chest pains that I spent thousands of dollars investigating with gastro doctors, it turns out I should have gone straight to Pamela!"

 - Laura B., news editor, London

"I was having a stubborn, unexplainable urinary issue for months. My friend who was already seeing Pamela recommended I go see her. It's been half a year now since my last visit and I haven't had one single recurrence. My experience definitely superseded my expectations."

- Melanie B., Goldman Sachs, NY


"I have been seeing Pamela for about 4 years now - and she has played a huge part in my life. By helping me understand my body and emotions through her sessions she has dramatically improved my health and made me move away from western medicine and procedures where possible and shift to preventative measures and maintenance. 

In the time I have been seeing Pamela, I have given birth to two healthy babies, a large part of the credit for while I place at Pamela's door. I conceived easily while having acupuncture, she helped alleviate any difficulties I was having, helped move the babies along when I was ready, and even helped turn my first baby from breech position - meaning I avoided a painful and risky inversion treatment that they were pushing for at the hospital.

As well as being incredibly effective, Pamela is a wonderful warm person - I look forward to seeing her so much, I only wish I could go every single week!

- Rebecca J, Mother of 2, Brooklyn


"I started going to Pam about 7 years ago as I was experiencing bad migraines and I didn't want to keep taking pain killers. Receiving acupuncture treatments has not only helped control my headaches but has also helped my overall physical and emotional well-being. Pam knows how to read what my body needs and I always leave a treatment feeling better than when I came in. So grateful that I met her."

- Katherine K., travel magazine editor, NY


"I started seeing Pamela last year to help me handle some major stress that I was going through. I guess it happens here in NYC!  I left that day feeling the most relaxed I have ever felt and in more clarity of my situation. I continue checking in with her for tune ups, for pain management, or for a recharge. Pamela really listens, and is such a great support when you are ready to create a change in your life. Pamela's practice is my first experience with acupuncture and the results are truly mind blowing.  5 star recommendation! "  - A.D, NYC 


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