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About the Practitioner

I believe in the whole person, and the kicking horse.

To heal means to come back to Union, even when the path towards that includes Discord.

I believe that our fundamental work as healers is to reconnect where cycles have been broken, and where ecosystems need delicate mending. It's not far out for me to say that there is a delicate ecosystem within our own body, complete with wild animals and diverse flora -- continuously evolving and reorganizing alongside our Mother, Earth. My work with you is always focused on coming back to the body's innate wisdom, which is a wisdom that is rooted in the simple and vast interconnectedness/ interdependence of all life.


To be available for life in our fully embodied presence means we always come back to basics, no matter how far we think we have advanced or evolved on our path. We keep coming back to nourishing our roots, owning our raw truth, and strengthening our foundation. This foundation is what enables us to meet and master the complexity of the wild wide web of life. 

No one stands as an island.

The deepest pain I know is one of feeling separate, or subhuman... or feeling dismembered,...muted, or silenced.

The deepest wholeness I have known begins in this place of Reverence for Who I Am = Reverence for All of Life.

My desire to live integrated and in sacred communion is at the center of my work and life. I know in my bones that any animal or any being out there who has gotten back its/his/her voice or roar, and feels One again with creation, is another precious part of me that has come home. 

I invite you to work with me and re-discover this wellspring that is always and is already You, and not just in spirit, but in your body, blood, bones, and in your own kicking horse. 

My formal Chinese Medicine qualifications in brief:

I received my Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine (MSTOM) from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM) in New York in 2009.


I'm profoundly grateful for the lessons I've learned from the patients I've had the honor to work with over these last 12 years. The trials and triumphs of our work together has surely been fertilizer for my own roots and soil, a mirror of my own flame, my own deep longing to come home. 

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