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Embodying the Primal Power of Water

April 29 - May 1, 2021

Special Beltane Offering

This is a healing immersion is for women who are ready to break free from linear lines, and return to the dynamic and healing "circular flow" that is embedded in our creative bodies. We make the descent into the body and the womb of intuition, and rewire ancestral gifts from the past and into the future. This is deep and rewarding inner work and play, minus the burn out that comes with “trying to figure things out”. It's an experience that returns us to our Essence, our true nature. We learn to unlock the sea of self-renewal when we are plugged into the Source; electric, constant and everchanging, dynamic, just as water is.




Be The Flow


"My body has not moved that way since I was a kid -- letting it come from a place of pure instinct. It clearly ignited and awakened in me something that had laid dormant for a while. It was a life changing experience. I didn’t want it to end. 

I am eternally grateful to you Pamela for this experience. It changed the way I viewed energy healing and meditation. Before this, I believed that I could only achieve a meditative state through complete stillness, so to be able to add this dynamic dimension to my toolset for navigating life AND remaining in good health, was a life changing gift."

Devan Wallace - Senior Public Relations Manager, Louis Vuitton


"I had the most wonderful time reconnecting with myself. Felt fantastic. I got a lot of energy and positivity and a lot of laughter. For me, it really went into the weird, and it was bloody phenomenal. Like, whooaaaa I haven’t f*cking played with you for years!!! I loved it."

Halley Jean Buckham - Square Design Inc. Account Manager



"An uplifting way to connect much deeply with my body and be way, way less in my head...Healing and expansive in a way that’s different from all the other ways that I had been guided in my path of self discovery. It filled in a big missing piece for me. Truly, it was an experience unlike anything that I’ve had.

I loved the way you showed up so authentically and whole-heartedly! The way the group connected and opened up so deeply was a result of the safe and sacred space you created for us. Something I'm very deeply grateful for."

Rochelle Seltzer - Creative Core Coach, and Author of “Live Big”


"I will be drinking the nectar and juice of this retreat for a long while to come. Pamela, is such a powerful guide, magical healer, so strong in both her mothering and dragoness energy. Her vulnerability and feminine wisdom is exactly what the world needs right now. I’m so happy to be part of this, and I’m looking forward to more."

Siewli Stark - Qigong Instructor and Bodyworker, Body Wisdom Sanctuary


"It was truly a safe and sacred space where I could speak on and share things that are never asked of me to reflect on. I felt truly seen and heard and appreciated. And I appreciated the group of women who journeyed with me."

Lenore Kantor, Transformational Guide for RAW (Reimagining Authentic Work)




Modern Dancer_edited_edited_edited_edite


Moondance of Duality

June  - September, 2021

Bi-weekly journey

The new moon and the full moon of the Fire Season (Summer) invite us into our fuller expression, as we move with the polar opposites -- light and dark, airy and heavy, masculine and feminine, our divinity and our humanity, our fragility and ferocity. In this embodied exploration, we learn to dance the middle where the two extremes are integrated into A Beautiful One. This rich integrative and interactive practice is for those who are ready to explore the edge of embodiment and bring home the parts of us we have left behind. 

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